No More Room for Trophies, Award Keychains Instead

Have you seen that televised spot where Team Chevy displayed their latest awards? The Racing Director could hardly find a space in his office to display the trophy of current NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart. Indeed, Chevrolet’s dominance in the racetrack is fueling the American Revolution to greater heights. In the Nextel Cup Series, in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, in the American Le Mans Series, and in the NHRA Drag Racing Championship, the deafeningly loud cheers of loyal fanatics of the revolution proclaimed Chevy’s reign – in the racetracks and in the streets.

So Team Chevy fans, what do you have in mind to help solve the Racing Director’s problem? Should we propose the building of a one-hectare museum to accommodate these trophies? With the their 5th straight win at Daytona 500 and 25 wins in the Manufacturer’s Cup Championships, there will be no more space for the 2008 awards Team Chevy will surely bag.

If trophies have become bland for the team because there have been too many already, maybe it is wise to award our racetrack heroes limited editions of Chevy Racing Keychains instead. Say for instance, 100 keychains will be awarded each to the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up so that they can give away one each to 99 most loyal fans and keep one for themselves. This way, everybody can carry their “trophy” wherever they will go. In addition, getting rid of the big trophies will mean no more need to spend for a costly museum. Our racing machines would also love it because they will always be connected to the badge of honor they have struggled to win. acrylic keychain

The American Revolution wants every patriot counted in all victories. You must have seen that revolutionary spirit when Team Chevy superstars performed the traditional champagne toast. Pouring in champagne over the winner’s head is customary but spraying champagne into the crowd of cheering fans is a twist.

The keychain trophy idea is a new proposal. Expect Team Chevy fans to be petitioning race organizers to shun away from awarding bulky trophies next time.

We have several prototypes of keychains stocked in our best-kept secret camps. The designs available include a red-plated round Chrome and oval stainless metal mounted with a shiny black crystallite dome bearing a red-outlined Chevy logo, the text “Chevrolet Racing” and a racing flag below. There are also genuine black leather-based variants.

The Monte Carlo Super Sport, the Corvette, the Camaro and the Impala – these invincible racing machines that perfectly match the talent of our champions also have special keychains made just for them. In return, fans may return the favor by giving their idols – Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart – a unique Chevy racing model keychain. To create another real twist, a fan’s signatures could be engraved at the back of the metal plates so that the champions could tell who among their fans gave it.

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